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What Is Natural Touch Permanent Makeup?
Learn About Natural Touch Permanent Makeup 
How Does Permanent Makeup Look?
Do I have To Maintain Permanent Makeup?
Permanent Cosmetics is the art of implanting color to the eyelash line, lips, or eyebrow region in order to improve a client's appearance. This is a great solution for women who pencil their eyebrows, color and re-shape their lips every day, or simply for anyone who wears eyeliner! Women who don't wear makeup can enjoy the benefits of natural permanent cosmetics as well. Experienced professionals apply permanent makeup exactly the way you design it, using either a specially developed machine or gentle hand tools. 
The results of permanent cosmetics vary depending on the method used to implant the color, the colors used, and the environmental factors.  The sun, facial cleansers, skin care products, and natural exfoliation will cause your permanent make up to fade faster than other forms of body art, as your face is more exposed to these environments.
As a result of this, permanent cosmetics do require a small amount of maintenance to stay looking great. This does not mean that the procedure is not permanent!  The pigment particles implanted on your first visit do remain in your skin, they just need to be touched up from time to time to look truly fabulous. Our colors are renowned as "the most beautiful and natural pigments."
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
What Can I Expect After Getting Permanent Makeup Applied?
Before any procedures, we spend ample time determining the exact measurements and placement of your permanent cosmetics so you get the precise look you desire.
A very powerful numbing agent is used for your comfort and safety. Each procedure will take approximately 90 minutes. Most clients are fine to drive home and experience little or no swelling or bruising is expected.  
"I love waking up ready for the day."
    - Cherri L.
"This is the best present I ever received."
- Mimi F.
"There was NO pain!"
- Gigi L..
"No more raccoon eyes when I swim or ski, I love this makeup!"
- Elizabeth K.
"Renee fixed my pink brows,
 thank you.
 You're awesome!"
-Monique J.
"I finally look like I have eye lashes and eye brows. No
 more makeup!"
- Kim L..

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10 Reasons For Permanent Cosmetics
1.  Convenience  
​2.  Allergies or sensitive skin
3.  Glasses or Contacts
4.  Arthritis or shaky hands
5.  Difficulty applying makeup
6.  Aging changes
7.  Active outdoor lifestyles
8.  Smudging or smearing
9.  Hair loss
10. Always be ready to go!
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