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How Do I Choose A Design For My Permanent Eyeliner?
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Permanent makeup eyeliner can give you full, sexy lash lines that are maintenance free and natural looking. No smudge or running ever.  Your choices in permanent eyeliner colors and options are huge!  Go with a natural subtle eyelash enhancement to a full sexy eyeliner customized to your own lifestyle and style.  Just imagine you wake up with beautiful smudge proof eyeliner every morning... just add mascara and go! 

Your eyes can show your age and they are the focal point of your face. Now you can get that sparkle in your eye again with more defined beautiful soft colors to accentuate your beautiful eyes. Permanent eyeliner can help to soften the lines around your eyes as well as add color and dimension. 
Permanent eyeliner is permanent so it is important for us to work closely with you to customize the perfect eyeliner design that fits your lifestyle and one that looks beautiful and natural on you.  If you have a special look you want to achieve, bring a photo with you  for your consultation.  First we will create an outline in pencil to begin your new look.  We are looking for the most flattering and youthful appearance for you.  Less is best and we can always keep adding color until we get it exactly the way you want it. 
What Can I Expect From My Eyeliner Procedure?
All of the products we use are hypoallergenic and have been safely used on even the most sensitive clients.  At first your eyeliner will look much darker than the color we selected for you, however, in a few days, this will fade out at least two shades during the healing process finally changing to the beautiful color you desired. Oxidation causes colors to darken when they are exposed to air. You can expect some swelling the same day and the day after your procedure, and some tenderness in the eye area. 

As your eyes heal you will notice some flaking of pigment. This is very normal, as is some scabbing.  We ask that yo do not itch or peel off the flakes or scabs. They must be able to fall off naturally.  Healing time varies but in general the area will take about a week to appear healed.  We will send you home with a home maintenance kit to help you through the next few days following your procedure. 

We will schedule a follow up appointment with you after your procedure to make sure your eyeliner is perfect. After this, you may want to come in for touch ups to keep looking great. 
  • Natural Eyelash Enhancement
  • Thin Eyeliner
  • Medium Eyeliner
  • Thick Eyeliner
  • Smudgy Looking Eyeliner
  • Special Effect Eyeliner
  • Natural Man Liners
  • Dark and Alluring Eyeliners
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